WMP BAPA Community Partner

On the march at Remembrance Sunday 2018

We would like to thank the WMP Black and Asian Police Association (BAPA) for their team spirit, community engagement and continued support to the WAWI Project.

For the past 4 years members of BAPA have given their free time to work in partnership with the Project in undertaking presentations, workshops and parades at both official and unofficial events.

Events have included Educational Days, Remembrance Services, Charity Fundraising, Church Services and School Assemblies.

Windrush 70th Commemorations

WAWI Project commemorates 70 years of Windrush

Why are West Indians in this Country? Britain Called and they answered.

For more than 10 years the WAWI Project has been raising awareness of the Windrush story and the real reason why hundreds of British passport holders came to Britain in 1948.

They brought hope, help and friendship and much needed money to boost a struggling economy.

In honour of all those who came to help rebuild Broken Britain, the WAWI Project and our Community partners held a variety of events spanning 9 days beginning 16th June.

Eddie Parris – first black footballer to play for Wales

Courtesy of Bill Hern.

In 1928, 17 year old John Edward ‘Eddie’ Parris a left winger signed for Bradford Park Avenue and remained at the club until 1934. Appearing in 133 games he scored 38 goals.

On 5th December 1931 he was selected to play for Wales against Ireland, becoming the first black footballer to play for Wales. Wales beat Ireland in Belfast 4 – 0 but it would be Eddie’s only International appearance.

A Forgotten British Hero - Walter Tull Day

Few people have heard the name of Walter Tull. Those who have, rarely appreciate the relevance of his contribution to both sport and service to King and Country.

His early life was marred with personal tragedy, and has he grew up he continued to face hardship and misfortune. Despite this deprived start in life, his conviction to succeed, guts and skill, helped him to shape a career in football.

Remembering all those who served

Remembrance commemorations take place every year across the world with the Poppy taking Centre stage as a symbol of peace. These events are an opportunity to remember the sacrifices made by all communities regardless of Colour, Creed or race. 

Retired Captain and WAWI Member, Kevin Junor led the Parade in Bolton, Canada.

African and Caribbean Soldiers Remembered on Windrush Day - 22nd June

22nd June 2017 at Windrush Square, Brixton saw a permanent memorial to African and Caribbean servicemen and women unveiled in a ceremony attended by Defence Secretary Michael Fallon and Mayor of London Sadiq Khan.

The West India Regimental Mascot

British Military Mascot - Goat

During a visit to the National Army Museum I came across a newspaper article related to the 3rd West India Regiment based in Sierra Leone.

Whilst preparing to leave Sierra Leone the soldiers of the West India Regiment came upon a goat and decided to claim him as their mascot. The goat happily accompanied them for several miles as they marched back to the dock where their boat was moored ready to take them back to Jamaica.


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