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Remember Together

Royal British Legion

In 2020 The Royal British Legion is asking for communities across Britain to come together, join together and remember together the service and sacrifice, friendship and collaboration of the men and women of Britain, the Commonwealth and Allied nations who fought together 75 years ago.

Allies from the Commonwealth and other nations had fought shoulder to shoulder with Britain, since the start of the Second World War, but in 1944 this collaboration would result in victory in three critical battles; Monte Cassino, D-Day and Kohima and Imphal.

Club Skaaville Allstars Brings You Windrush Celebration Jazz

Ray Carless - Jamaican Born Saxophonist

Back in 2018 Jamaican born saxophonist and band leader Ray Carless recruited the cream of musicians well versed in the language of Jamaican and Caribbean music to play what they call Windrush Celebration jazz, incorporating the Jamaican classics that the Windrush generation knows and enjoys into Carless’ jazz foundation with an infusion of ska, reggae, rock steady and blue beat.

Celebration of the 90th Birthday of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II

Celebration of the 90th Birthday of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II

The Parish of Handsworth at The Church of St Mary ... Choral Matins in Celebration of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.
It also provided an opportunity to welcome Councillor Carl Rice The Right Worshipful The Lord Mayor of Birmingham.

In honour of Her Majesty's Birthday the Union Colour of the Re-formed West India Regiment 1957-1962 was paraded (see image gallery) and the often forgotten verses of the National Anthem.

SS Mendi Commemoration

SS Mendi Commemoration

Why Are West Indian Legionnaires joined members of the South African Legion for the SS Mendi Remembrance Parade in Southampton.


"On 21st February 1917, during World War 1, a British Chartered Troopship containing a full Battalion of South African Native Labour Corps men and officers on its way to the Western Front was rammed in Fog conditions in the English Channel.

We Were There - Exhibition

The online version of 'We Were There' is now available to view.

It is a tribute to the contribution made to Britain's defence by military and civilian personnel from what was the British Empire now known as the Commonwealth and whose descendents now form part of the richly diverse ethnic population in the United Kingdom.


400 years of Caribbean Contribution to British Heritage and Culture

400 years of Caribbean Contribution to British Heritage and Culture

Our exibition was a culmination of 5 years research into British history. It was put together by members of the WAWI Project, who shared a common interest in highlighting our forgotten history. Some information may have been familar whilst other exhibits may have been knew.

We all have a duty to learn from history, as well as make history and to that end, we hope that those who visited, shared with others what they had learned. 

VJ Day Commemorations in Birmingham

VJ Day Commemorations in Birmingham

The war in Europe officially ended on May 8th 1945 when Germany signed a surrender document. Japan refused to accept unconditional surrender and so war continued in the Pacific.

It was not until 15th August that Japan announced its surrender, following the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and ended one of the worst episodes in British military history.

It is anticipated that there were 71,000 British and Commonwealth casualties of the war against Japan, including more than 12,000 prisoners of war who died in Japanese captivity.