WMP BAPA Community Partner

We would like to thank the WMP Black and Asian Police Association (BAPA) for their team spirit, community engagement and continued support to the WAWI Project.

For the past 4 years members of BAPA have given their free time to work in partnership with the Project in undertaking presentations, workshops and parades at both official and unofficial events.

Events have included Educational Days, Remembrance Services, Charity Fundraising, Church Services and School Assemblies.

These officers are both visible and approachable who communicate openly about their personal service to Queen and Country dispelling myths surrounding modern day policing.

Year on year we have seen an increase in the number of Officers available to support these events as well as publicity on their National Facebook network.

This has been reciprocated by BAPA who now request our presence to support their community events on an Educational level. This has included Jamaica 57, Shard Fest, Annual Conferences and a Commemorative Service to mark 25 years of the death of Stephan Lawrence and how it influenced change within the Police Force. 

In collaboration with the WAWI Project the Police also led a Public Service Day as part of Windrush 70 commemorations. They actively encouraged participation from Tri Military Services, Local Authorities, Civil Service, NHS, Ambulance and Fire Service to showcase their contributions and invited Schools, Senior Citizens and local communities to engage and give thanks to those past, present and future recruits.