Jamaican Scientist celebrated in fight against Cancer

Jamaican Scientist Dr Lawrence Williams is being celebrated on the international stage for finding an effective treatment for some types of cancer. Following more than 13 years of study the Jamaican's discovery has the potential to fight various kinds of cancers, including melanoma, lung cancer, and breast cancer.






The Real Angels of Mercy

For generations West Indian women have followed a calling to care for the sick and weak. Despite a lack of credit or recognition, we thank you for turning the other cheek.

NANNY OF THE MAROONS possessed a wide knowledge of herbs and other traditional healing methods practiced by African and native Islanders.

Where the Commonwealth leads, the world follows

Rugby World Cup 2011

The game of Rugby began at Rugby School, Warwickshire, England in 1750.

However, many rugby playing countries had pre-existing football games not dissimilar to rugby. The first Rugby World Cup tournament was not held until 1987, hosted by Australia. Largely due to the support of the Commonwealth Nations, it is now a multi-million pound sport and a major entertainment industry. 

An example of where the Commonwealth leads - everyone benefits.

British West Indies Regiment One of Britain’s forgotten Regiments

British West Indies Regiment. 1st World War

The sacrifices made by over 15,000  British West Indians who volunteered to serve under British Imperial Command, joining fellow West Indians and other members of the Commonwealth family have largely been ignored in accounts of World War 1. 

The following links provides details of how on the 19th September 1918 an opportunity arose for the British West Indian Regiment to change the course of the War. 



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