One of Britain's forgotten hero's

Jasper Powell. 2nd World War. West Indian

Following America's entry into WW2 in 1941, they made a request to Britain for  workers - under the heading of Manpower & Agriculture on a fixed term appointment.

Britain looked to the Caribbean and in response over 40,000 British West Indians volunteered. Permission granted, they worked in factories and on farms all over the USA. Jasper Powell was one such worker and this is his story....

United we stand

We all have commitments of one sort or another, often leaving us with limited time to do the things we really want to do. However where there is a will there is always a way and over the last few weeks we have utilized our time combining business with pleasure, attending 'Meaningful Meetings' and Networking with Colleagues'.

When the past met the present

Boys of British Army standing beside a veteran who served in the Warwickshire’s

On Sun 7 Aug 2011, a Service of Praise and Thanksgiving on the Occasion of The 49th Anniversary of Jamaica’s Independence was held at the New Testament Church of God, Lozells, Birmingham UK.

It was a privilege to meet a few of the boys currently serving in the British Army standing alongside a veteran who served in the Warwickshire’s. 

The old and the young united in a common goal; to serve and protect the ‘Mother Country’ - men from Jamaica, Ghana and Zimbabwe.

Charity Cricket Day Event

West Indies Regiment

Another successful day sharing stories and new ideas. Picture shows Alisha Evans, Councillor Peter Douglas Osborn, Debbie Gooding and John Evans - The Royal British Legion, and holding the Colours the son of a Windrush Pioneer.

Alisha and John revealed their Commonwealth family connection and have promised to share their historic links to Britain following their planned trip back to Fiji later this month.


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