Who do you think you are?

Why Are West Indians In This Country?Why are we here?
Whether Black or White or in between
British history has never made it clear!

What do you know of your ancestors?
Or those unsung hero’s who died for you
I bet your sitting there thinking …
This is just for the privileged few.

But contrary to what you may think
Or what you have been led to believe
West Indians have played a very large part
In what England and Britain has achieved.

So do you want to know the answers?
Do you want to discover the truth?
If so then please continue
For here lies the undeniable proof.

Starting from the 1500's
“What is the relevance of Notting Hill Carnival?”
“The Somerset Case"
“Who was Nanny of the Maroons?”
“Nursing in the Victorian Era”
“Who built the Panama Canal?”
“Napoleon Bonaparte v Horatio Nelson”
“Kick racism out of football”
“Remembrance Sunday”
“The West Indian Regiments & the British West Indian Regiments”
“West Indian Servicemen and the Victoria Cross”
“Youth opportunity”
“British/English Black Boxing greats”
“World War 1 & King George”
“Oliver Cromwell”
“22 June 1948 Tilbury docks”
“World War II & Caribbean Regiment”

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