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Despite information being easily accessible through media coverage and the internet, the reason why Britain has such a diverse cultural population is still widely unknown.

For many years contributions and support given to Britain by West Indians and other Nations of the former Empire has been overlooked and kept out of the public domain. But not any longer!

The WAWI project was founded in 2009 with the publication of our book ' Why are West Indians in this Country?' Unlike many publications of this type it does not mark the end of our research but the beginning.

Hall Green Citizenship Award

H receiving Citizenship Award

Horace receiving his Award for contributions to his local area and the wider community - presented by the Lord Mayor

17th July 2011.

Rev'd David Senior explains...

Horace was involved in speaking at his Uncle's funeral and remarked on his journey on the "Empire Windrush" in 1948. He reflected on the question "Why are West Indians in this Country?" and why there is little evidence and celebration of their contribution to Great Britians welfare and survival.

Visit to St Alban's Academy

Thursday 7th July 2011, H and myself were invited to attend St Alban's Academy, Birmingham.

We addressed parents from Yemen and Somalia communities on the subject of Why West Indians are in this Country and to encourage them to consider how they themselves fit into British Society.

It was an informative and enlightening session as stories were exchanged with all those present. 

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Why Are West Indians In This Country?

Hi everyone,

Over the next couple of weeks we will be making a number of changes to our website to help you keep up to date with the latest events and information, covering all the aspects and questions our book, 'Why Are West Indians In This Country,' has started. We will be uploading lots of photographs and images to our new gallery and ask that if any of you wish to add pictures of your own, contact us on

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