Historical Barbados


The Caribbean is steeped in British History and Barbados is no exception. During the 17th & 18th Centuries Barbados was an important military base which the British used to protect their interests in the southern Caribbean.

Barbados has the world's rearest collection of 17th Century English iron cannon.

The Barbados Garrison, the largest in the British Colonies during the 18th & 19th Centuries, is of great historical interst and offers many features, other than military, for those so inclined.

One such place is the Savannah, a popular recreational area. In 1860 it was the venue for the first inter-colonial cricket match between Barbados and British Guiana.

It was also here that Gary Sobers, the world famous Barbadian cricketer, knelt before Queen Elizabeth II to become Sir Garfield Sobers.

An article, Sir Gary Sobers - my secret Barbados appeared in the Sunday Times, February 26th 2009