Visit to St Alban's Academy

Thursday 7th July 2011, H and myself were invited to attend St Alban's Academy, Birmingham.

We addressed parents from Yemen and Somalia communities on the subject of Why West Indians are in this Country and to encourage them to consider how they themselves fit into British Society.

It was an informative and enlightening session as stories were exchanged with all those present. 

A lady from the Yemen community said she has photos of her Grandfather who won three medals fighting for England, Likewise a Somalian gentleman told how his Grandfather fought in Burma. A poignant moment as my own Grandfather also fought in Burma.

We were congratulated by all those in attendance on a most riverting discussion. One question however echoed by many remained unanswered.

"Why is this important subject not taught in our schools?"

It has been sugested that we return to St Alban's to deliver a seminar to the teachers.

In the meantime it is imperative that we talk to our elders and listen to their stories and experiences, and pass this on to our chilldren before its too late.

Let's all help to make this a better world - they did.