Making this a better world.

Despite information being easily accessible through media coverage and the internet, the reason why Britain has such a diverse cultural population is still widely unknown.

For many years contributions and support given to Britain by West Indians and other Nations of the former Empire has been overlooked and kept out of the public domain. But not any longer!

The WAWI project was founded in 2009 with the publication of our book ' Why are West Indians in this Country?' Unlike many publications of this type it does not mark the end of our research but the beginning.

It is designed in such a way to encourage 'YOU' the reader to seek out further information for yourselves. As individuals, we all come from different backgrounds and have different experiences of life in the 'Mother Country' whether you were born here or relocated.

The aim of the project is to uncover those forgotten or untold stories of how Britain came to be known as 'Great' and in the process teach our children respect and the true meaning of friendship regardless of colour, race or religion.

The project has been completely self funded and is therefore still relatively young, but with each passing day we are forming new partnerships with organisations and individuals who share our passion for the truth to be revealed.

It is with that regard I have to thank everyone who has contributed or supported the project, by purchasing a book (£3.99 + p&p if required), arranging workshops or simply sharing their story.

Proceeds from book sales are reinvested back into the project as well as shared with charitable organisations that help to promote its existence.

I hope you find our work enjoyable, informative and most of all inspiring.

Following in the footsteps of those who are no longer with us - working together we will make a difference, and no matter how small we all have a part to play.

Thank You