400 years of Caribbean Contribution to British Heritage and Culture

400 years of Caribbean Contribution to British Heritage and Culture

Our exibition was a culmination of 5 years research into British history. It was put together by members of the WAWI Project, who shared a common interest in highlighting our forgotten history. Some information may have been familar whilst other exhibits may have been knew.

We all have a duty to learn from history, as well as make history and to that end, we hope that those who visited, shared with others what they had learned. 

Feed back can be found at: http://hiddenhistorieswwi.ac.uk/uncategorized/2015/06/400-years-of-caribbean-contribution-to-british-heritage-and-culture/

Comments included:

"Hidden history finally coming to light. This should be told to the children, especially those of BME background, so they can have a sense of pride. We have been so lucky to be told so many interesting stories in such a passionate way".

"Well done for such an inspiring exhibition. I brought my daughter and grandchildren who are of Caribbean heritage and loved every minute"

"I feel somewhat impressed with the work and contributions of the black veterans, soldiers and nurses"

"Thanks for sharing the contributions of black people to the war efforts. This was not taught when I was at school. I believe if everyone could be educated about the exhibition (schools, colleges and universities) it could improve social cohesion"

"Very interesting and informative, well done to all involved"