Regimental. West India Regiment

A cost cutting exercise saw the amalgamation of the 1st & 2nd West India Regiments. In total, the amalgamated 1st & 2nd WIR had eight sets of Colours presented between 1840 and 1913. The above Regimental Standard is the last of those Colours.

The Regiment paraded for the last time on 31st January 1927 at Up Park Camp, Jamaica. The Regimental Colours were trooped for the last time before being shipped back to England.

At 10.30am on Friday 18th February 1927 the Colours were taken to Buckingham Palace and presented to King George V. They were later taken to St Georges Chapel, Windsor Castle until they were subsequently transferred to the Royal Collection Trust where they remain to this day.

A replica of the Standard was produced by the WAWI Project in 2010, in honour and memory of those great Regiments, Gone but no longer forgotten.