SS Empire Windrush 65th Anniversary Remembrance Service

22nd June 2013 marked the 65th Anniversary of the arrival of the SS EmpireWindrush. Yet in truth until 6 years ago I had no knowledge or understanding as to what Windrush was or meant. Thankfully that changed because of one person who has worked tirelessly uncovering England's Hidden History, educating a nation and teaching us all the true meaning of kinship.

Standards Paraded included:

  • 4th WIR 1795 under the Crown of King George 3rd
  • 1st WIR 1878 & 2nd WIR1877 under the Crown of Queen Victoria
  • 1st WIR 1913 under the Crown of King George V - World War One
  • BWIR 1915 under the Crown of King George V - World War One
  • Trinidad Royal Naval Volunteer Reserves - World War Two
  • The Strand of Colours of the Reformed WIR 1958 - 1962 under the Crown of Queen Elizabeth 2nd. These Colours were commissioned but never produced -  until now. 

The Standards were blessed by Rev'd Canon Eve of Holy Trinity Church and a wreath was laid in honour of those who brought Hope, Help and Friendship and as a reminder that strength lies in the ties that bind, rather than the differences our cultures bring.

The Standards were carried by both veterans and those currenly serving; representing the Army, Navy and RAF.

There are no words to express my feelings that day, however one thought crossed my mind; "If one person can achieve so much, working together what could all of our communities achieve?"